proba cocoon

In the COCON collection, pregnant young women and mothers with babies are displayed by the inspiration of the ‘great nudes’ genre of European painting, in which symbols that suggest the fragility of existence and life in the shadow of death were embedded. In the work Helen, a young pregnant woman, standing on a pile of stones cradling her hair with her hands, is photographed and inspired by the image of the goddess Venus from the painting Birth of Venus (1879) by William Adolf Bouguereau. The pile of stones is based on the pile of skulls in the painting Apotheosis of War (1871) by the artist Vasily Vereshchagin and symbolizes birth alongside the finality of life. In another work, Vallery lies motionless with her eyes shut and a crying baby clutched to her body. She was inspired by the painting Benefits Supervisor Sleeping by British artist Lucian Freud.cian Freud.